The Adisseo Group is a world leader in the production of nutritional solutions for animals. It designs, manufactures and markets four families of animal feed additives. Thus, the Adisseo Group is a global expert in animal nutrition, with a full range of additives and services, products that contribute to the improvement of the food chain by supporting feed and premix manufacturers, especially in the sectors of poultry, pork and dairy production.

The current activity of Adisseo España in Burgos focuses on the manufacture and commercialization of Rhodimet AT88 and ammonium sulfate.

Rhodimet AT88 is a liquid hydroxylated analogue of methionine, a product used in animal feed and indispensable in poultry productions.

Ammonium sulfate is a co-product used as fertilizer in agriculture. 

Adisseo España, S.A. focuses its objectives on providing the planet with a healthy, affordable and quality diet. 

On a permanent basis Adisseo España, S.A. is participating and promoting important investment projects, both in the field of new technologies and in the development of new products and improvement of existing ones. This development work is especially intense in the field of improvements in product quality.

Adisseo España is a founder member of DIHBU.