Members of the Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0

The following organizations are members of the Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0 Association.


The differential hallmark of DIHBU is its high industrial component

The leaders of the initiative that facilitated the subsequent creation of the Hub were FAE Burgos and ITCL Centro Tecnológico, in 2018. They were joined in March 2019 as founders of the Association: Asti Mobile Robotics and Gonvarri Steel Services. Immediately after, all the others joined (Adisseo, Keyland (Grupo Antolín), University of Burgos, Bridgestone, CSA, DGH Technological Solutions, Edscha – Gestamp, Fundación Caja de Burgos, Universidad Isabel I, Grupo Cropu, Grupo Siro Cerealto, GSK, Ubisa-Bekaert, Nicolás Correa, Sinterpack (Xolertic Group), Tacon Decor, Softeca Internet, and Metecno, Solid Gear (Izertia Group), Tequipo, AVEBIOM, SYLTEC and the last new member, SIEX-KOMPTES GROUP.

The level of loyalty of our members is 100%. We are open to the incorporation of new members and stakehlder, especially industrial ones, and secondarily technological ones, with the prior approval of our Board of Directors.

Join us

We welcome new companies and other agents who want to be part of our Hub, such as universities, research centers, startups, clusters, and investors.