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An SME based in Castilla y León, in the stone and marble sector, needs a low-cost robotic solution that can minimize the effort of production line operators, where large marble slabs need to be moved very carefully after a cutting and polishing process.

The solution must be designed for a small manufacturing process.

The SME has looked for conventional automation solutions, which have not been viable, since the production process is different for each piece, and operates with different parameters, depending on the type, size and weight.

Currently, the end-of-line operator makes a considerable weight lifting effort when moving each part to adjust it to a certain position, so an exoskeleton type solution is being sought, which could be viable to assist the operator in all types of part movement, regardless of size and weight.

The company would be open to test a robotic solution and to acquire the equipment.

Partner type sought

Manufacturer or distributor of exoskeletons or specialized robotic solutions, based in Spain.

Sector: Capital equipment

Type of agreement sought

  • Technical collaboration agreements for pilot testing and prototype validation. The company would be willing to initiate a project with public funding to execute the testing of the solution in its real scenario and validate the results.
  • Commercial agreement for equipment acquisition, if the solution is already on the market.


Confidential participant managed by DIHBU

Head office: Spain

Interesting facts

Confidential request managed by DIHBU. Data of interest and non-confidential details may be provided to interested parties by the challenge manager.

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Contact person for this request

Belén Lanuza – Manager Director of DIHBU – Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0

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