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Tebis Iberia, a Madrid-based company with a nationwide presence, offers MES software (ProLeiS) specialized in planning the manufacturing of complex single-series items.

The company is looking for industrial companies that already have CAD, CAM and ERP systems, but still plan production with Excel tables.


  • The software has a modular structure, adapts to the specific processes of each company, and represents them digitally from start to finish.
  • With this software, production processes are significantly improved and industrial companies increase their productivity through more efficient planning, control and evaluation of production orders.

Partner type sought

  • Industrial companies of all sizes

Type of agreement sought

Commercial agreements.



Head office: Madrid, Spain

Presence at the Technological Meeting

Professional visitor

Availability of meetings

October 24th. From 17,00 h. to 18,00 h.

October 25th. From 10,30 h. to 13,30 h.

Contact person for this offer

Francisco José López de Arcaute, Sales CyL

Activity framed in the Technological Meeting Burgos Industry 4.0 2023.

Arlanzón Room. Floor 2. Forum Evolución Burgos

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