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A Portuguese technology SME, Neadvance, specialized in Machine Vision and Intelligent Systems, has developed a low-code platform for Industry 4.0, based on a Drag-Drop-Done concept, oriented to allow the end user to build and control in a simple way the intelligent systems and machines of his factory.

The SME is looking for companies in Spain, mainly industrial SMEs, looking for this type of autonomy in the design of their advanced industrial digitization system, for testing and implementation of the platform.

The company is also looking for potential technology partners in Spain for technical and commercial collaboration agreements.

NIOP provides an easy-to-use user interface, so that it is not necessary to be an expert to control intelligent systems in which a mix of artificial intelligence, computer vision, robotics and automation is required.

Advantages of the solution

  • It brings simplicity, integrity and speed to orchestrate the operational technology layer of multiple industries.
  • Allows anyone to program their own machines
  • Low cost

Partner type sought

  • Industrial companies of any sector, mainly SMEs, for implementation pilots.
  • Technological companies or integrators, for commercial and technical collaboration agreements.

Type of agreement sought

Commercial agreements (full implementations, testing, or pilots), Technical and commercial cooperation agreements.



Head office: Portugal

Interesting facts

Neadvance is a company founded six years ago, specialized in computer vision and intelligent systems, developing computer vision and artificial intelligence solutions and platforms for the digital and industrial revolution worldwide.

Presence at the Technological Meeting

Professional visitor

Industrial Track 4.0 Technical Conference

October 24 – Afternoon Session: Industry 4.0 Use Cases

17:40 h. NIOP: Plataforma low-code for Industry 4.0.

Availability of meetings

October 24th.

Contact person for this offer

Teresa Martins, CEO

Ramiro Marques, Global Sales Director

Activity framed in the Technological Meeting Burgos Industry 4.0 2023.

Arlanzón Room. Floor 2. Forum Evolución Burgos

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