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A micro-small company based in Castilla y León is looking to acquire a laser cutting machine that would be suitable for a small-sized machining workshop. The machine, which must be new, must be adaptable, as it is only required for a few jobs and would not be used continuously in the process.

The micro-small business has been looking for models of laser cutting machinery, but is finding it difficult to locate a low-cost model, with connectivity, that can be adaptable to the intended use and the small size of its industrial operation.

The applicant company would be open to purchasing a machine model already on the market, or purchasing a custom-designed model, provided the costs are affordable.

Partner type sought

Spanish company manufacturer or distributor of industrial machinery, if possible, with a support office in Castilla y León.

Sector: Capital equipment

Type of agreement sought

  • Commercial agreement for the acquisition of technological equipment: machine
  • Technical collaboration agreement for machine design, start-up and maintenance.


Confidential participant managed by DIHBU

Head office: Spain

Interesting facts

Confidential request managed by DIHBU. Data of interest and non-confidential details may be provided to interested parties by the challenge manager.

Presence at the Technological Meeting

Professional Visitor

Availability of meetings

Afternoon session on October 24th

Contact person for this request

Belén Lanuza – Manager Director of DIHBU – Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0

Activity framed in the Technological Meeting Burgos Industry 4.0 2023.

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