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The Valencian startup ENTRII offers a totally innovative solution that allows, through artificial intelligence and advanced data analysis, exporting companies to access key international market data for their strategies.

The company is looking for companies, mainly in the food sector and with export activity, that need to have this type of key information to optimize their marketing and sales strategies.

The technological solution processes millions of data from online stores and physical points of sale, allowing companies to design their strategies and action plans in an optimized way, through the application of AI.

Type of partner sought

End customers: Companies in the food and beverage sector, preferably with more than 20 million euros turnover.

Partners for technical and/or commercial cooperation agreements.

Type of agreement sought

Open to any type of collaboration.



Head office: Valencia, Spain

Presence at the Technological Meeting

Professional visitor.

Availability of meetings

Preferably virtually.

Contact person for this offer

Rodrigo Fabeiro, CEO

Activity framed in the Technological Meeting Burgos Industry 4.0 2023.

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