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Savvy, a company based in the Basque Country, offers a suite of tools for machinery and capital goods manufacturers that enable the creation and monetization of new digital products and services.

The company is looking for machinery manufacturers who wish to incorporate this technology, to add value to their equipment.

The suite consists of the following tools, among others:


Allows you to remotely connect to machines and equipment to intervene on them and carry out a proactive TAS.

Remote firmware updates

Deployment of upgrades and updates without the need for trips to the factory or machine downtime.

Connectors and interoperability

The SmartBox is able to speak an infinite number of communication protocols to extract data from the machines and thanks to the multilevel API, in simple standards, to offer the data to different applications in a simple way via API or other options.

Edge management

Bringing intelligence to machines by deploying applications in the powerful Edge environment available in Savvy SmartBox.

Developer tools

Technologies to support developers in deploying their own software autonomously.

Once the machines have been digitized, Savvy’s team of data analysts (mathematicians and computer engineers) work with the manufacturer to develop new digital products and services for its customers.

Partner type sought

  • Medium-large machinery and equipment manufacturers
  • Sector: Capital Goods

Type of agreement sought

Commercial agreements.


SAVVY Data Systems SL

Head office: Spain

Interesting facts

Savvy Data Systems is a company born with a strong digital culture, which aims to help industrial companies in their digital transformation, turning their data into valuable information, and their information into business.

It is an industry-driven company, specialized in advanced monitoring, data analysis and artificial intelligence services, through which it technologically drives the strategy, development and deployment of industrial digitalization in its clients.

The company also relies on a well-established network of industrial partners (DANOBATGROUP, Fagor Automation, Fagor Arrasate, IPF) and research centers, with which it works in collaboration.

Thus, it is at the forefront of digital manufacturing support technologies, essential for the factories of the future and present, providing the necessary know-how to meet the digital challenges in all types of industrial sectors.

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