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Tebis Iberia, a Madrid-based company with nationwide presence, offers a self-developed CAD/CAM software that allows you to quickly, easily and automatically create collision-free NC (numerical control) programs for a wide range of manufacturing processes.

The software is useful for:

  • drilling and deep drilling
  • turning and milling/turning
  • 2.5D, 3D and 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • robotic milling
  • cutting milling
  • erosive processes: penetrating erosion and wire erosion

In addition, the software can further enhance production with special 3D laser cutting, laser hardening and contribution welding solutions.

The company is looking for workshops or industrial companies with these processes that wish to incorporate this solution.

Partner type sought

  • Industrial companies of all sizes

Type of agreement sought

Commercial agreements.



Head office: Madrid, Spain

Presence at the Technological Meeting

Professional visitor

Availability of meetings

October 24th. From 17,00 h. to 18,00 h.

October 25th. From 10,30 h. to 13,30 h.

Contact person for this offer

Francisco José López de Arcaute, Sales CyL

Activity framed in the Technological Meeting Burgos Industry 4.0 2023.

Arlanzón Room. Floor 2. Forum Evolución Burgos

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