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A Barcelona-based startup, BE-IN-G, offers a self-designed platform (BE Platform) that can manage different connectivity technologies (WiFi, LPWAN, 5G, etc) in a centralized way, and provide the ability to create, deploy and maintain data capture streams over industrial protocols.

The platform is offered both as a service and under an on-premises licensing model.

The technological solution allows:

  • Maximize the use of computing resources (industrial PCs, controllers, etc.) that are currently underutilized in the plant.
  • Deploy and manage applications in distributed Edge and/or Cloud environments in a simple way.
  • Control the SLAs (both from a computational and connectivity point of view) established for each Application automatically

Partner type sought

  • Any industry currently running, or planning to run, applications and algorithms in edge computing environments.
  • Industrial engineering companies or integrators that want to include the platform as part of their offerings

Type of agreement sought

Commercial agreements, Commercial collaboration agreements, Technical collaboration agreements.



Head office: Cataluña, Spain

Interesting facts

Investor group 5G Ventures and consulting firm NAE founded the startup BE-IN-G in September 2021 to drive industrial 5G solutions, and to offer industry transformation solutions based on 5G technology, from consulting to implementation.

Presence at the Technological Meeting

Industry 4.0 Technology Demonstrators Expo

Stand nº 15. Demonstrator

33. 5G + Edge Computing for Industrial transformation

Industrial Track 4.0 Technical Conference

October 24 – Afternoon Session: Industry 4.0 Use Cases

4:08 p.m. Edge Computing, where AI becomes reality. Use case focused on industrial energy efficiency.

Availability of meetings

During all matchmaking

Contact person for this offer

Juan Luis Tolosa, CEO

Activity framed in the Technological Meeting Burgos Industry 4.0 2023.

Arlanzón Room. Floor 2. Forum Evolución Burgos

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