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AIR INSTITUTE, a research center from Castilla y León specialized in developments related to applied Artificial Intelligence, and member of DIGIS3, has results from projects it is developing, for which it is looking for partners to transfer the technology or make exploitation agreements.

  • The Data Logger project consists of the design and development of a Data Logger Gateway Edge-IIoT device for the capture, storage, processing and sending of data oriented to the Internet of Things “IoT” technology within the field of renewable energy generation facilities.

  • The Spine Care project is a device that helps to maintain good postural hygiene in actions related to the spine.

  • The CO2 project has a physical device that adds sensors for the collection of CO2 parameters in the air and environmental parameters such as temperature, pressure or humidity. This project has been developed together with the Salamanca City Council.

The center is looking for companies interested in technological solutions.

Innovative aspects:

Mainly the submitted projects perform the following innovative functions:

  • Data Logger: Captures, stores and sends data related to the field of renewable energy generation facilities. It is implemented in self-consumption photovoltaic installations.
  • Spine Care: Body sensorization that measures and records the position of the back to prevent, detect and ultimately help correct problems associated with posture.
  • CO2 project: Monitors air quality, especially carbon dioxide levels, to determine if conditions are conducive to the spread of respiratory-borne diseases.

Partner type sought

Empresas y entidades de cualquier sector y tamaño.

Type of agreement sought

Technical collaboration for pilots, commercial agreements.



Head office: Spain

Presence at the Technological Meeting

Professional visitor

Availability of meetings

Preferably remotely, during matchmaking and afterwards.

Contact person for this offer

Maria Teresa González, Management Assistant

Sergio Alonso, Project Manager

Activity framed in the Technological Meeting Burgos Industry 4.0 2023.

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