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An SME based in Madrid is looking to incorporate new digital technologies to improve its portfolio of environmental and industrial sustainability consulting services, as well as for field work.

Specifically, the SME is interested in new IoT devices for data capture and transmission that can be used in field work, and in digital management platforms, applicable to its activity, that provide added value and differentiate the company from the market.

The solutions sought must be innovative, but with a level of maturity high enough to allow pilots and, where appropriate, implementations with a certain degree of innovation.

Partner type sought

  • SME or knowledge center, with operational headquarters in Spain, that develops and/or commercializes digitization solutions applicable to environmental consultancy.
  • SME or knowledge center that develops and/or markets specific IoT devices for data collection and communication and specific sensor systems for the sector.
  • SME developer of apps for field work environments, operating on mobile devices, which can facilitate the task of operators in inspection work, sampling or control of parameters.

Sector: ICT, Electronics

Type of agreement sought

  • Technical collaboration agreements for testing and validation of prototype systems/devices in real scenario. The company would be willing to initiate a project with public funding to execute the testing and validate the results.
  • Commercial agreement for acquisition of equipment or use of software, if the solution is already on the market.


Confidential participant managed by DIHBU

Head office: Spain

Interesting facts

Confidential request managed by DIHBU. Data of interest and non-confidential details may be provided to interested parties by the challenge manager.

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Contact person for this request

Belén Lanuza – Manager Director of DIHBU – Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0

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