WorkingAge Project involves combining technology with empathy, to create wellbeing experiences for people to make sense and adapt to a world that is constantly changing.  Our partner ITCL is the Coordinator of this european project.

WorkingAge will use innovative HCI methods (augmented reality, virtual reality, gesture/voice recognition and eye tracking) to measure the user emotional/cognitive/health state and create communication paths. At the same time with the use of IoT sensors will be able to detect environmental conditions. 

The purpose is to promote healthy habits of users in their working environment and daily living activities in order to improve their working and living conditions. 

By studying the profile of the >50 (Year old) workers and the working place requirements in three different working environments (Office, Driving and Manufacturing), both profiles (user and environment) will be considered. Information obtained will be used for the creation of interventions that will lead to healthy aging inside and outside the working environment.

WorkingAge will test and validate an integrated solution that will learn the user’s behaviour, health data and preferences and through continue data collection and analysis will interact naturally with the user. 

This innovative system will provide workers assistance in their everyday routine in the form of reminders, risks avoidance and recommendations. 

In this way the WorkingAge project will create a sustainable and scalable product that will empower their user’s easing their life by attenuating the impact of aging in their autonomy, work conditions, health and well-being.

This innovation was developed under the Horizon 2020 project WorkingAge with an end date of 31/01/2022.

More information: Innoradar