XR2Industry Open call 1 for Hardware enablers integrating emerging technologies in Extended Reality (XR)

XR2Industry (Tailoring eXtended Reality to Industry’s Needs), an EU-funded project coordinated by the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), has launched its open call (#1) for Hardware enablers.

The call targets projects that develop and integrate innovative hardware solutions based on emerging technologies such as 5G/6G, IoT, data, AI, edge and cloud computing, and microelectronics, to unlock the potential of XR experiences.

Applicants must address one of the 11 challenges specified by XR2Industry

(detailed specifications in the Guide for Applicants)

  • Challenge 1: Haptic Gloves: From existing haptic gloves, adapting them to XR standalone headsets supporting OpenXR
  • Challenge 2: Universal tracker: Taking an existing tracking solution and making sure it works with the XR standalone headsets
  • Challenge 3: Hard Hat with the front of the HMD: Integration of the front of the R2 on a certified hard hat. Special focus on the battery, speaker and hinge integration
  • Challenge 4: High-accuracy GPS: Designing the mechanical and electrical components of the GPS system integrating the GNSSRTK technology
  • Challenge 5: Motion capture system to track several objects: Adapt an existing motion capture system to the XR standalone headsets.
  • Challenge 6: External HDR camera: Design a module that can be attached and plugged into the XR standalone headsets HMD, Mechanically and electronically working
  • Challenge 7: Overhear audio with hearing protection: Integrating an existing audio system that allows people to communicate, hear and protect themselves in a loud environment.
  • Challenge 8: Interaction device that fits disabled people: Designing an interaction device that allows disabled people to interact with the XR environment
  • Challenge 9: External ToF camera: Design a module that can be attached and plugged into the XR standalone headsets, Mechanically and electronically working
  • Challenge 10: External 5G Modem: Design a module that can be attached and plugged into the XR standalone headsets HMD, mechanically and electronically working
  • Challenge 11: Biometric human sensing: Design hardware inspired by OpenBCI (for EEG, ECG, EMG), Emotibit (for PPG, EDA / GSR, 9-axis IMU, body temperature), uMyo (EMG) to increase the quantity of sensors per device and reduce final hardware cost. Add an XR headset holder on the OpenBCI ECG headset.

The requested Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of the solution is defined from initial 3 to 7.

Eligibility Criteria

• SMEs or MidCaps
• Registered in an EU Member State, Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT), or a Horizon Europe associated country.

Offered support

• Individual Mentoring Plan
• Development of functional technical brick to be used and MVP
• Integration Plan and Report


• up to €500.000 per Project. Up to 7 projects will receive funding

Guide for Applicants for further details on the call, including the proposed challenges and other application requirements.


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Apr 02 2024 - Jun 04 2024