WeldGalaxy 2nd open call for proposals on innovative arc welding solutions

The call is open to SMEs or MidCaps applying alone or in small consortia (2 to 3 partners) from the EU and H2020 Associated Countries that develop technology solution that covers one of the technical challenges:

  • Systems and tools that support ¨plug and produce¨ manufacturing of arc welding equipment
  • Innovations to improve arc welding productivity and quality
  • Innovations in intelligent and flexible arc welding robotics
  • Innovations to support Health, Safety and the Environment
  • Life cycle analysis (LCA)


About WeldGalaxy:

The arc welding industry is increasingly being challenged to find innovative new solutions to remain competitive. Increased regulation (eg Health, Safety and the Environment) together with an ongoing reduction in skilled welders leads to requirements for innovative products and mechanised and automated solutions, offering improved quality and productivity taking into account the impact on the environment.

WeldGalaxy is looking for efficient and cost-effective arc welding methods to weld a range of materials with a variety of geometries and thicknesses. The innovation should be shown in terms of equipment, consumables and/or welding processes.

Another important aspect of selected proposals should be the generation of data to enhance the WeldGalaxy platform development as selected beneficiaries will participate as beta testers of the platform to help in creating the market proof of the ‘online welding equipment and consumables platform’.

Fifteen selected pilots will become part of an exclusive WeldGalaxy Support Program which includes:

  • Technical support from industry experts from TWI
  • Business Mentoring
  • Up to €100 000 funding
  • WeldGalaxy platform account
  • Demonstration facilities
  • Media exposure
  • Access to private & public investment (subject to meeting investor criteria)

The selection of the open call proposals will be carried out in a two-step process.

Step one will involve external evaluation to assess the proposal according to the criteria.

Step two will involve the WeldGalaxy consortium to prioritise the proposals based on the external evaluation result, the expected impact, the project resources requested and coverage of the objectives of the WeldGalaxy project.

Further information:

The event is finished.


Feb 15 2021 - Apr 29 2021