Up2Circ Open Call 1

In its first open call, Up2Circ Accelerator will support up to 47 projects to validate the adoption of circular business models and implement concrete actions towards circular products, processes and services.

Who can apply?

Projects must be submitted by SMEs. Criteria:

  • Circularity assessment: Applicants must have completed the circularity assessment using the Up2Circ Circularity Assessment Tool.
  • Enhanced knowledge and expertise in circular economy: Applicants must have actively participated in the Up2Circ Academy online learning programme. Active involvement is defined as having completed a minimum of 50% of the Up2Circ Academy e-learning modules.  

Types of projects and funding

Small scale projects: Feasibility studies

Funding: small scale projects of up to €15.000 

Expected number of funded small scale projects: 32  

Project scope: In-depth validation of technical, economic and social aspects of adoption of circular business models, considering desirability, feasibility, viability and environmental aspects. Projects should focus on one or several circular business models such as circular supply chain, sharing platforms, product as a service, product life extension, recovery and recycling.  

Expected outcome: feasibility study including a business plan 

Project duration: 6 months

Large scale projects: Piloting and demonstration

Funding: large scale projects of up to €50.000 

Expected number of funded large scale projects: 15 

Project scope: Pilot and demonstration activities to implement concrete transition measures towards circularity through the implementation of certain technologies, a shift to circular product design, introduction of new products, processes and services. Projects should focus on prototyping, pilot testing, implementation of new business processes, solutions and systems.  

Expected outcome: validated prototype 

Project duration: 12 months

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Apr 01 2024 - May 31 2024