TrustChain Open Call 3

This cascade funding call is aimed at developers, researchers, SMEs and entrepreneurs and will distribute €1,755,000 among 15 selected projects.

The objective of this TrustChain Open Call 3 is to define and build market mechanisms for data exchange and data trading as well as innovative win-win federated business models open data in compliance with GDPR and other regulations.

  • Federated business models that consider fair rewarding of its participants.
  • Establish new or enrich the existing data marketplaces while ensuring privacy preserving data sharing on third-party platforms.
  • Fair data marketplaces: publish, search, discovery, other mechanisms in decentralized environments. Negotiation mechanisms for data prices.
  • Market competition that is fair and regulated in favour of the innovators.
  • Tokenization of assets and its fair trading, protection against scams such as rug pulls, initial coin offering (ICO) fraud in digital asset trading.
  • Establishing the value of the coins based on their quality contents, creating liquidity in the existing data marketplaces.
  • Decentralized governance models that are fair and trustworthy to all the parties in a data exchange ecosystem.
  • Use your eIDAS2 on the EU marketplaces,
  • Effective data monetization strategies and business models to incentivize data providers to share their data on exchange platforms.

Applications should cover real needs of the end-users in one of the specific sectors. Their proposed solution should consider as minimal requirement to:

  • Be grounded on end users needs and requirements, 
  • Use standard technology for full stack development,
  • Be open source,
  • Extend the state-of-the-art in the domain of user privacy, and/or solve existing real-world problems with data governance and provide new highly usable software solutions.

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Dec 06 2023 - Feb 07 2024


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