TrustChain Open Call #2 for new solutions in data privacy, processing and secure data exchange

This cascade funding call is aimed at developers, researchers, SMEs and entrepreneurs and will distribute €1,989,000 among 17 selected projects.

Types of solution developments eligible for funding

  • Enhanced consent models to implement transparent and easy-to-use consent mechanisms.
  • Data minimization and purpose limitation techniques integrated into web framework so that only data necessary for legitimate purposes is collected.
  • Secure data exchange and privacy-aware data processing.
  • New privacy-preserving data flow techniques in line with international data-sharing agreements.
  • New mechanisms online with international data flow standards so that data can move freely within the EU and across international borders, including the US, Japan and China.
  • Data and provenance identification systems and data tracking mechanisms.
  • Data certification/verification methods to verify trustworthiness.
  • Innovative privacy-enhancing technologies, such as local differential privacy and other interactive privacy techniques, which also take into account publicly available online datasets that can be linked to the original data.
  • Data obfuscation, perturbation and anonymization techniques or their combination that adequately address the trade-off between privacy preservation and data utility.

Proposed solutions must build on existing concepts and technologies to share the value of data and preserve user privacy, and fit within TrustChain’s vision and objectives.

The solutions, in order to be financed in their development, must:  

  • be provided as open source software
  • be tested and evaluated by an appropriate group of potential end users to be identified and mentioned in the application.
  • be supported by a self-sustainable business model to exploit the system developed at the end of the project.

Each proposed solution shall use the latest technologies for full-stack development that are compatible with current standards.

A webinar will be held on Monday, July 31, at 11:00 a.m. CEST, providing more information about the program and the application process.

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Jul 20 2023 - Sep 20 2023