TRUBLO 2nd Open call – Blockchain based solutions and aplications

TRUBLOTrusted and reliable content on future blockchains, is a programme that aims to nurture and facilitate beyond the state-of-the-art research on blockchain technology which will lead to more scalable blockchain based solutions and applications. These developments will contribute to ensuring the exchange of trustworthy and reliable content on social networks and media.

TRUBLO Open Call #2 targets academic, R&D research teams and SME companies. They are invited to define and implement small scale research projects on two related focus areas, obtaining funding, technical and business support services from TRUBLO:

1) Focus area 1: Trust and reputation models on blockchains aiming to provide new modalities of trust for media sources and items shared on online news/media outlets and social networks.
This focus area targets innovative applications, technologies, technical approaches and methodologies that increase the levels of trust in blockchain-based information exchange, with emphasis on user generated content on the Internet and social media, considering also data from IoT infrastructures.

2) Focus area 2: Proof-of-validity and proof-of-location, aiming to provide additional mechanisms for trusted user-generated content created and shared by users from their mobile devices.
This focus area is on innovative mechanisms to increase transparency and trustworthiness of user generated genuine content. The users, as being part of a blockchain, can apply additional verification mechanisms to increase transparency, validity and high level of trustworthiness, such as Proof- of-Location and Proof-of Validity.


This open call is divided into two parts:

Phase 1: Innovation (9 months)

Up to 15 projects will be selected in the innovation phase to develop their proposed project and prepare a publication (whitepaper or scientific article) describing their solution.

  • Total funding of €75,000 for the innovation phase


Phase 2: Progress (6 Months)

A subset of three projects from Phase 1  will be selected to further develop activities associated with the demonstration/ piloting as well as promotion and exploitation of their project, building an MVP as a demonstrator and aiming to engage new customers and/or partners and/or investors.

  • Total funding of €100,000 (in addition to the funding from the innovation phase).


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Jul 14 2021 - Sep 10 2021