SURE 5.0 Open Call 1: cascade funding for Industry 5.0

The EU-funded SURE5.0 project is allocating EUR 2.6 million in cascade funding to support your digital transformation on the principles of Industry 5.0.


SURE5.0 launch the programme 1 structured in a two sequential phases approach, providing the companies with the following benefits:

  • Industry 5.0 assessments and services worth €10,000
  • 50,000€ / SME of equity-free funding to implement your Industry 5.0 transition plan


The SURE5.0 Acceleration Programme 1 will help its participants to both understand and implement Industry 5.0 by utilising the following step-by step approach:

Phase 1  Assess & Recommend


Individual Industry 5.0 Roadmap

Consortium members will provide 50 SMEs with individual assessments and recommendations covering the entire spectrum of Industry 5.0 transformation.

Community of Practice of Alliance

This community provides its members with open access to peer-to-peer networking and knowledge sharing between pan-European business leaders.

Phase 2 Business Transformation & Resilience


Equity-free EUR 50k for the implementation of Industry 5.0 Transition Plan

In this phase, 27 SMEs will receive the grant.

Additional support via Catalogue of Complementary Service Providers

Accessible free of charge database of external Industry 4.0 and 5.0 experts and service providers. SMEs will be able to hire them, allocating these expenses in the awarded FSTP grant.

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Feb 17 2023 - Mar 01 2023