SPADE Open Call 1 – Drone Technology for agriculture, forestry and livestock

The primary goal of the call is to identify and fund six of the most ambitious and promising projects that will enhance the capabilities of drone technology and innovation use. 

SPADE’s Open Call 1 is designed to invite applicants who can provide innovative solutions to address the specific challenges presented by each of our three distinct Case Studies.

  1. Open-Field Case Study Integration (Spain): The open-field case study in Spain primarily focuses on distinct use cases in potato crops and terraced crops.
  2. Forestry Case Study integration (Norway): In Southern Norway SPADE will implement three forestry-based use cases: (1) a drone swarm for forest inventory, (2) a tethered drone for operational support of a wheeled forest harvester, and (3) a heavy-lift drone for implementing forest operations.
  3. Live-stock Case Study integration (Greece): The primary objective is to enhance and promote sheep breeding through grazing and health monitoring on the Greek island of Lesvos. It will utilize multi-purpose UAVs in various configurations, synchronized with SPADE platform digital twin services.

These Case Studies encompass various aspects of agriculture drone technology and aim to revolutionize the field in their respective domains.
Furthermore, in addition to the specific challenges of each Case Study, there are two overarching challenges that apply universally across all of SPADE’s Case Studies initiatives. These general challenges have the potential to shape the landscape of drone technology in agriculture.

SPADE seeks to select and finance one project for each challenge, ensuring that the selected solutions align with our mission to enhance and promote sustainable and efficient practices in agriculture through the power of drone technology.

Funding: 60,000 EUR maximum per recipient (6 months).

The European eligible entities by SPADE open call should be legally identified under the following categories of organisations:

  • Universities and research centers: academic and research institutions. It’s important to note that within a department, multiple research groups exist, and while different groups from the same department can apply, it’s crucial that individuals are not concurrently members of multiple research groups to ensure equitable allocation of resources and dedication to their respective research pursuits.
  • NGOs and foundations: non-profit organizations and foundations with experience in drone applications development.
  • SMEs and startups: small and medium-sized enterprises and startups that focus on developing innovative solutions related to SPADE case studies.

Natural persons, mid-caps or large industries or corporations are not eligible for the purpose of the call.

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Feb 09 2024 - Apr 10 2024


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