RESIST: 2nd Open Call – Innovation projects. MTA

This call provides financial support to European SMEs and mid-cap companies working in the Mobility, Transport and Automotive ecosystem (MTA).

It supports the implementation of innovation projects, meaning improved technologies and processes in production, with the aim of reducing ecological impacts.

Key challenges

  1. Optimised digitalization through the incorporation of advanced technologies in the MTA
  2. Provide innovative solutions to obtain greener production systems or products
  3. Turning to renewable energy innovations in production lines

(*) Beneficiaries have to select one of the three above challenges as a topic for their innovation project proposal.

Individual eligible applicants will receive financial support up to 20.000 € per applicant.

Consortium eligible applicants (2 or 3 SMEs from different EU regions) will receive financial support up to 90.000 € per consortium. Each SME in the consortium may receive up to a maximum of 30.000 €.

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This information is disseminated through the DIGIS3 project, supported by EU. DIHBU, as a member of DIGIS3 EDIH, can help you to submit a proposal for this funding opportunity, through its specific services, free of charge for SMEs.

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Oct 03 2023 - Dec 12 2023


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