PIMAP4Sustainability Open Call for innovation funding

The goal of the PIMAP4Sustainability Open Call is to financially support photonics, advanced materials and advanced manufacturing SMEs to develop innovative projects in Aerospace, Metal working, Industrial production.


Funded projects will have to make SMEs more sustainable by :

  • Developing New to Firm products, services or processes
  • Leading to the development of business process innovation tied to technological adoption
  • Improving their overall sustainability in all its aspects (Economic, Green, Social)


These projects will have to be from a TRL 5 to 8 and with a duration between 6 and 9 months.


This Open Call will support cross-national and cross-sectoral projects between companies and mainly SMEs. Proposals will therefore have to be built around a consortium.


Eligible Consortium

  • 2 SMEs located in two different EU Member States or Associated Countries
  • 1 SME and 1 larger company located in two different EU Member States or Associated Countries


Bear in mind that only SMEs will receive funding from PIMAP4Sustainability


Under this call, at least 13 projects with a maximum funding of 60 000€ will be awarded to receive funding.


PIMAP4Sustainability will allow within its funded projects activities related to projects such as :

  • Development of prototypes
  • Test innovative solutions on end user’s facilities.
  • Validation of technologies by research centres
  • Any other activities tied to the development of innovative projects.



You can consult here the Open Call Documentation, including the Guidelines, the Application form, the mandatory annexes and the Declaration on Honour.


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Mar 20 2023 - May 03 2023


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