Open Industrial Challenge: Remote Control System for Electrolytic Cells – CTA – ATLANTIC COPPER

Atlantic Copper is looking for a partner with the technological capacity to industrialize this control system.

This industrial challenge, managed by CTA (Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía), a member of EDIH Andalucía Agrotech, is aimed at companies of any size, with technological capacity for the industrialization of remote control systems, which can also guarantee supply and maintenance services throughout the useful life of the system.

Initial situation

Atlantic Copper has designed and developed, through an R&D activity co-financed by CTA under the title Electrolysis 4.0, a remote control system for electrolytic cells using wireless technology.

It is a real-time monitoring system of the most relevant parameters of the electrolytic vats/cells where copper is refined, and which supports the daily operations of the plant.

The solution developed by Atlantic Cooper is in a TRL 6, it is expected to reach a TRL 7 in June 2024, and has set itself the goal of having an industrial scale solution (TRL9), so it launches this technological challenge in order to find a partner with technological capacity for the industrialization of this remote control system for electrolytic cells.

Requirements to be met by the candidate company to provide a solution

● Experience in design and fabrication of custom electronic devices, according to specifications.
● Experience in developing qualification tests in real environment, verifying the resistance of devices to hostile conditions.
● Experience in product certification for commercialization.
● Experience in installation, maintenance and upgrade of software and firmware.
● Ability to provide long-term supply of electronic devices, including software.
● Ability to define and perform maintenance work (predictive, preventive and corrective) throughout the life of the devices.

What is offered to the winning company

The winning project will be a free licensee of a cutting-edge technology developed by Atlantic Copper, which it will be able to industrialize and exploit exclusively under a collaboration agreement.

More information on CTA and access to applications

From DIHBU we publish this industrial challenge, because of its interest for our industrial digitization ecosystem, calling for companies that can provide a solution for the industrialization sought.

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May 01 2024 - Jun 30 2024


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