Open Call 2 Chamaleon

CHAMELEON project (A Holistic Approach to Sustainable, Digital EU Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock and Rural Development based on Reconfigurable Aerial Enablers and Edge Artificial Intelligence-on-Demand Systems) is looking for applicants to propose and develop new bundles for the platform.

The 5 best applicants will be selected and 100% financed up to a maximum of €60,000 in a lump sum scheme.

With this Open Call, the goal is to implements geographycally distributed small-scale pilots that demonstrate the impact and potential of the CHAMELEON approach.

List of existing bundles

  • Vegetation monitoring and census
  • Large woody debris on rivers
  • Health status of vegetation
  • Crop growth and development monitoring (Vineyard)
  • Vineyard water stress due to drought
  • Livestock management (herd) and monitoring (individual animal)
  • Animal’s health
  • Continuity of vegetation
  • Characterization of urban-forest interface.
  • Hot spot identification at the beginning of wildfire
  • Collecting information about health status and stress (wild animals)
  • Lameness detection in Cows
  • Soil zonification

Applicants must have a clear plan to exploit the tools developed in the scope of this open call.

Guide for applicants

Proposal Template

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Mar 31 2024 - Jun 30 2024