NEMO Open Call #1: to embrace new SMEs in the NEMO consortium

The Open Call aims to extend NEMO scope and technology and invite SMEs active in edge computing, edge and/or cloud native software development, operating systems, IoT/5G networks and IoT manufacturing to join the NEMO consortium.

The total funding is €900,000 to implement innovative core metaOS components and plugins to support new functionality and new services and validate the NEMO components, in particular by offering:

  • a) NEMO meta-architecture extensions
  • b) software components/plugins not covered by current NEMO implementation plan
  • c) new network or service/resources metering/automated control components
  • d) porting NEMO on new, highly heterogeneous IoT devices

The funding for each new participant will be up to 150K€ and it is expected that at least 6 new partners join the NEMO consortium via this open call.

The selected projects will start on March 2024 and run for 18 months.

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Sep 01 2023 - Dec 29 2023


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