NebulOuS Open Call for innovation

NebulOuS will introduce an appropriate meta-operating system that encompasses brokerage capabilities across the cloud computing continuum, advanced methods to enable secure and optimal application provisioning, resource adaptation and reconfiguration. It will enable the emergence of ad-hoc fog brokerage ecosystems that exploit IoT/edge and fog nodes, in parallel to multi-cloud resources to cope with the requirements of hyper distributed applications.

Main goal

We aim to test and validate the NebulOuS Meta OS platform by expanding its application into new use cases and domains beyond the existing project pilots. 

The main objectives are to showcase the replicability of the NebulOuS framework, increase awareness, attract and actively engage key stakeholders/end-users, and foster market adoption.

Average Value

Up to EUR 150k per project.

Eligible organisations

  1. Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises working on the IoT, Edge, Cloud or and other related technologies.
  2. Research institutions, research infrastructures, non-profit organisations and charitable (scientific) foundations and public research centres, when supporting organisations of category 1 in a collaborative 3rd party project

Average duration

7 months

Number of grants awarded


More information

NebulOuS website

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Feb 14 2024 - Mar 31 2024


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