Master XR Open Call 1 – Cascade funding for Extended Reality innovation projects

The objective of the 1st Open Call for Applicants is to attract the best candidates able to provide innovative technologies to create rich XR experiences and validate the platform and technologies developed in the project with students (schools or professional training services).

Elegibility Criteria

The beneficiaries are SMEs, large companies, Research Organizations, technological and educational organizations.

Project types

Individual or consortium projects: Minimum 1 SME and must be the coordinator. Other possible participants:

  • XR (Extended Reality) technology developers
  • Research Institutes in XR (Extended Reality)
  • Educational Organizations: they can pose their own challenges and put them to the test

Cascade financing

Up to €150,000 per project. Other advantages:

  • Technical support
  • Business support
  • Possible marketing agreement with VIRTUALWARE after completion of the project

Applicants should evaluate the ethical implications of the proposed work particularly with respect to:

  • the use of data that is potentially traceable
  • interaction with vulnerable people and groups,
  • possible damages to operators, users and/or third parties,
  • whether systems maintain or amplify social disadvantage or discrimination

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Mar 18 2024 - May 31 2024