LAUDS Open Call 1 – collaborative experiments between artists and technology providers / industry

This open call for cascade funding aims to support co-creation between artists and technology providers / industry, through collaborative experiments that can solve industrial challenges.

The project has 240,000€ to support at least 6 experiments that will collaborate with LAUDS factories on activities such as devising new uses for technologies that help drive green solutions, and/or exploring alternative design methods through artistic practices that create new industrial models that connect potential manufacturing, creative and end-user partners.

The projects must respond to one of the challenges proposed by the three LAUDS factories in sectors such as mobility, energy and agriculture/food production, with which the selected hybrid teams will cooperate.


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This information is disseminated through the DIGIS3 project, supported by EU. DIHBU, as a member of DIGIS3 EDIH, can help you to submit a proposal for this funding opportunity, through its specific services, free of charge for SMEs.
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May 29 2024 - Jul 29 2024