KYKLOS4.0 Open Call (Advanced Circular and Agile Manufacturing Ecosystem)

An Advanced Circular and Agile Manufacturing Ecosystem based on rapid reconfigurable manufacturing (KYKLOS4.0)

The objective of the KYKLOS4.0 – Open Call #1 is to accelerate innovation in the digital manufacturing domain by facilitating the implementation of projects led by SMEs and with the participation of an industrial partner.  The Open Call #1 will have a single phase where up to 7 proposals will be selected.

The maximum amount of funding per awarded consortia of 2-3 entities (a consortium must be led by an SME) is 150 000 € (maximum of 60 000 € per third party, with other specific rules applying for each type of entity).

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Task description:

KYKLOS4.0 aims at providing an ecosystem that creates and supports the configurations, methodologies, production techniques, decisions and actions at different levels and stages of the equipment manufacturing value chain to achieve the goals of:

(1) increased energy efficiency;

(2) reduction of raw material through to the second use of parts or material;

(3) customer centricity;

(4) on-demand manufacturing to best meet the Industry 4.0 objectives of operational excellence.

KYKLOS4.0 will deliver an advanced configuration framework and state-of-the-art production paradigm, embedding key technologies into a unified platform ecosystem to manage live product innovation. This involves a set of intelligent tools for real-time analytics and prediction, and recommender systems, further integrated into the KYKLOS4.0 configuration environment.

With the KYKLOS4.0 Open Call #1, SME-led consortia of up to three entities are invited to submit project proposals for the development of innovative solutions to improve digital manufacturing processes.

Such solutions – to be delivered though experiments – should demonstrate a high innovation potential and be ready to explore commercialisation opportunities by the end of experiment period. As part of the experiment, the solution must be validated and demonstrated in the pilot location, which should be provided by one of the applicant’s consortium partners.

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Apr 01 2021 - Jun 30 2021