IMAGINE-B5G Open Call 1: Cascade funding for advanced 5G pilots and vertical experiments in Spain, Portugal, France and Norway.

IMAGINE-B5G‘s first open call seeks SMEs, industry and researchers to collaborate, through cascade funding, on vertical experiments and scale-ups, through pilots and trials at IMAGINE-B5G platform facilities in Norway, Spain, Portugal and France.

Collectively, the facilities will support a suite of B5G applications (including immersive holographic, haptic and telepresence communications for enhanced human interaction) enabled by the integration of advanced 5G technologies, including in addition:

  • 5G positioning, zero-touch solutions
  • exposure to network capabilities
  • edge computing
  • advanced IoT solutions
  • network data analysis
  • millimeter wave (mmW) frequencies
  • advanced combinations of private and public networks
  • open architectures

The infrastructure of the Norwegian, Spanish and Portuguese facilities will be based on industrial equipment and components.

The French facility will provide a fully open source E2E 5G implementation.

Proposals are invited for cascade funding:

  • to test and validate novel vertical applications through pilot projects and trials at IMAGINE-B5G facilities (project periods of up to 12 months with funding of up to 100,000 euros)
  • provide new functions through hardware and software extensions of IMAGINE-B5G installations (projects up to 18 months, financing up to 150,000 euros)

IMAGINE-B5G will support the participation of SMEs, start-ups and other types of entities such as knowledge and research centers, allocating 50% of the total budget of the call.

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Jun 15 2023 - Sep 01 2023