i4Trust 2nd Open Call – Data Spaces for effective and trusted data sharing

i4Trust launches its second Open Call to select up to 19 Bottom-Up Experiments (Experiments), in order to:


  1. Mobilize DIH and European companies to understand the demand for data, establish data sharing partnerships and identify concrete use cases relying on trusted and effective sharing of data
  2. Support the aforementioned entities in adopting the user-friendly and proven technologies for data sharing based on CEF-compatible iSHARE and FIWARE Building Blocks, which cover all the operational, legal, technical and governance aspects related to data sharing


Experiments have to be proposed by a consortium made up of the following types of applicants:

  • SMEs/slightly bigger companies, and
  • Digital Innovation Hubs

Proposals are requested to have at least 4 entities per experiment, 1 DIH and a minimum of 3 SMEs/slightly bigger companies.


The selected experiments will become part of the customized 9-month i4Trust Mentoring Program, which includes:

  • Financial support up to €120,000.00 per experiment.
  • Refinement of the proposed Use-Case definition
  • Mentoring support on legal, operational, technical and business matters
  • Support on i4Trust technologies (building blocks)

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May 04 2022 - Sep 12 2022


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