HIGHFIVE Open call 2 for food production and processing Innovation Projects:  sensors and smart data

The HIGHFIVE Open Call for Innovation Projects aims to enable the emergence of new cross-regional and cross-sectoral value chains through the Twin Transition and Industry 5.0.

Applicants must be a SME established in one of the HIGHFIVE regions and need to be active in one of the following categories:

  • Food production and processing chain
  • Digital solution providers (ICT solutions, sensor producers, system integrators, etc.)
  • Process technology providers (machinery, packaging, etc.)

Projects submitted in this call need to address one or more thematic digital priorities:

  • installation of sensors to monitor real time critical control parameters.
  • integration and implementation of sensors in the existing infrastructure
  • smart data management and analysis to convert data into information and eventually into action and interoperability between food companies and in the food value chain.

Innovation projects scope

Contribute to activities that demonstrate an already developed and tested digital solution, product, process, service, or technology (TRL 6-9) in a real operational food processing environment.

Check the regions covered here.

Financial support (cascade funding)

Max. € 60.000 per SME, max. € 120.000 per project.

The € 60.000 limit includes the costs of participation of the innovation actors (universities, research centres, living labs, large companies, etc.) that SMEs brings in with their application.

Project duration

max. 12 months

In this 2nd Open Call a budget of €514,600 euro is available to fund 8-9 SMEs.

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This information is disseminated through the DIGIS3 project, supported by EU. DIHBU, as a member of DIGIS3 EDIH, can help you to submit a proposal for this funding opportunity, through its specific services, free of charge for SMEs.

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Jan 16 2024 - Mar 28 2024


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