Elise 2nd Open Call for SMEs to develop AI / Machine Learning applications

ELISE will select 16 SMEs that develop AI services or applications  with the support of a Scientific Advisor.


Selected companies will enter the 6-month program and receive:

  • Up to € 60.000 (lump sum) to develop AI/Machine Learning applications in one of ELISE focus areas.
  • Visibility through ELISE online channels and events, and dissemination in the ELLIS community.
A Scientific Advisor is a researcher invited by the applicant, who agrees to advise the SME in developing the AI application or service. The Advisor must have a PhD in a field that is relevant to the project. The advisor must be independent and cannot have any formal links with the applicant.
ELISE is looking for projects based on AI applications that address the development and implementation of technology and systems in at least one focus area listed below.

Focus areas

Geometric Deep Learning: graph, group, and gauge convolutions

Learning premium icon

Robust Machine Learning


Interactive  premium icon

Interactive Learning and Interventional Representations


Machine Learning and Computer Vision


Robot Learning: Closing the Reality Gap

Human-centric Machine Learning

Algorithm  premium icon

Theory, Algorithms, and Computations of Modern Learning Systems

Quantum  premium icon

Quantum and physics-based Machine Learning

Natural Intelligence


Machine Learning in Earth and Climate Sciences

Language  premium icon

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Multimedia / multimodal information

Information retrieval

Explainability and Fairness in Data Mining

Machine learning  premium icon

Symbolic Machine Learning



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ELISE Guide for Applicants


ELISE European Network of AI Excellence Centres is a network of artificial intelligence research hubs where the best European researchers in Machine Learning and AI work together to attract talent, foster research through collaboration and inspire and be inspired by industry and society.

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Dec 01 2022 - Feb 16 2023