EARASHI Open Call 2

EARASHI (Embodied AI/Robotics Applications for a Safe, Human-oriented Industry) Open Call 2 is launched to select 5 projects distributing 1M€ among them.

EARASHI open challenges

  • Support the industry in the uptake of advanced digital eco-responsible technologies (in particular AI, Data and Robotics)
  • Support workers in their daily activities and improve their working conditions (safety, health and well-being) leading to a productivity increase
  • Adopt a worker-centric approach by considering worker well-being and health at work (e.g. MSD and stress), design thinking methodology of production machines, worker acceptance and Ethics
  • Target the machine tool / production machine / manufacturing industry application

The funding instrument will include a lump-sum grant of up to 200 k€ per project for developing solutions at demonstration scale and coaching session during and beyond their development.

The total duration of a project is expected to be 15-18 months.

Only startups and SMEs are eligible to receive such funding.

R&D demonstration projects targeting EARASHI challenges will be developed to reach Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 7 starting form TRL 4-5, following a competitive based approach. The granted projects products are expected to have market potential and reach commercialization as project’s outcome.

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Sep 29 2023 - Dec 20 2023


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