CIRCULOOS Open Call 1: Circular and Dynamic Manufacturing Supply Chain Orchestration and OptimiSation

CIRCULOOS Expression of Interest (EOI) aims to engage supply chain actors across various manufacturing industries (e.g., metal, construction, electrical, furniture, leather, machinery, vehicles, wood, plastic) that want to engage in circular business with other complementary entities, forming Innovative Circular Supply Chains. Participants will adopt circular practices like refurbishing, remanufacturing, and repurposing (R-strategies), collaborating regionally to enhance product and process circularity.

Who can apply?

The following type of entities are invited to submit their interest and participate in the programme

  • One manufacturing MSME of Mid-Cap (funding of up to €50,000)
  • At least one and up to two other entities (funding of up to €50,000), namely recyclers, upcyclers, repairers, or waste collectors; or another role that enable the circular loop.
  • One DIH/RTO/MSME which takes the role of one or more of the following: regional
    circularity hub, technology enabler and /or networking or dissemination partner,
    coordination partner (up to EUR 40,000). This organisation does not count to the
    requirement to have at least two supply chain nodes.
  • European mid-caps, MSMEs and micro-SMEs (as defined in EU law – EU recommendation 2003/3618) with a commercial activity in the manufacturing industry as a producer, plus entities which have an enabling role in the circularity loop, such as recyclers, upcyclers, repairers, or waste collectors; or another relevant role.
  • DIHs or eDIHs.
  • Academic institutes (Universities), research institutes and other not-for-profit research entities.

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This information is disseminated through the DIGIS3 project, supported by EU. DIHBU, as a member of DIGIS3 EDIH, can help you to submit a proposal for this funding opportunity, through its specific services, free of charge for SMEs.
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Jun 18 2024