Calling for HPC Cloud Providers to provide services to BonsAPPs project

Expression-of-Interest (EoIs) call for HPC Cloud providers

BonsAPPs is an EU project created in line with the EC’s AI Strategy of building an ecosystem of excellence that can support the development and uptake of AI across the European Union.
The main goal of the project is to help low tech SMEs digitalize by allowing them to access, implement and make use of Artificial Intelligence in an easy and affordable way through AI Marketplace enabling the Intelligent Edge called Bonseyes Marketplace Platform (BMP).


The main purpose of this EoI call is to create the catalogue of voucher providers that will ensure HPC
Cloud on demand services for Use Case Owners selected.

Validated HPC providers will:

● Analyse the requirements of the Use Case and will sign the contract covering the conditions of the support.
● Name a representative that will be the main contact and interface with the Use Case as well as with the BonsAPPs project.
● Direct Use Case to ready use services and configurations to satisfy their requirements.
● Maintain a good relationship with the Use Case (Satisfaction and service reviews; Handling complaints)

Validated HPC cloud providers will benefit from:

● Becoming a part of the high-profile Bonseyes Marketplace Platform (BMP) ecosystem that will support the development and uptake of AI across the European Union.
● Receive financial support for providing infrastructure services (up to 10.000 EUR/Use Case Supported)
● There could also be a longer-term commercial engagement opportunity for the HPC providers selected as the Bonseyes platform will operate outside the BonsAPPs project also and will offer compute as a service to users under the Bonseyes AI Marketplace.

Technical requirements

The main criterion to select HPC Cloud entities to provide services is the availability of on-demand HPC computing and data resources in order to allow AI model optimization / training / benchmarking needed to design Solutions for the deployment platform defined by each Industry Challenge.


The HPC Cloud service offer can be validated if it the pricing limit of 2.000 EUR/month per Use Case is followed.
Validated HPC Cloud providers can provide services to various Use Cases in different Open Calls under the condition that the total amount received for the services provided during BonsAPPs project does not exceed 200.000 EUR per HPC Cloud Provider.

Validation process

Interested HPC Cloud providers should fill and submit their offer service via online form available at
the Funding Box platform

Registered HPC Cloud providers will be reviewed and validated by BONSEYES COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION team according to the eligibility (country) and validation criteria.

Once the match between User Case and HPC Cloud provider is made, both sides will agree on the conditions of the service and sign an agreement for providing services.


Guidelines for HPC Cloud Providers (PDF)

Apply before the next cut-off date: 31 March 2022

The event is finished.


Feb 01 2022 - Mar 31 2022