BonsAPPs Open Call for Adopter SMEs

Looking for companies that want to improve their products, services, or value chains with AI at Edge.


BonsAPPs is an EU-funded H2020 project that will help SMEs in their digitalization process by allowing them to access, implement and make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in an easy and affordable way through Bonseyes AI Marketplace (BMP).  Over the duration of the project, BonsAPPs will support Adopter SMEs and AI experts in developing re-usable AI at Edge solutions developed through customized support programmes and funding. These solutions will be published on Bonseyes AI Marketplace and will help to test its functionalities.

BonsAPPs Open Call for Adopter SMEs is an opportunity launched by BonsAPPs project in collaboration with I-NERGY for:

  • companies with SME status
  • that lack internal resources for AI at Edge Solution development
  • that are willing to use the Bonseyes AI Marketplace tools for its implementation

What´s there for you?


  • Up to 74.000 EUR including direct grant and vouchers for external services
  • Access to a pool of more than 170 AI Experts and HPC Providers
  • Support with Boneyes AI Marketplace tools
  • Business Mentoring to scale up the AI solution


The ideal applicant (SME) should:

  • Represent a high potential Use Case for the development of low-cost, highly scalable AI Apps and Edge Solutions
  • Use Bonseyes AI Marketplace services and resources to develop AI at Edge solution
  • Demonstrate availability of good-quality data (preferable commercial)
  • Represent the team that will be able to lead the AI at Edge solution development and integration process with external providers (AI Talents and HPC), during the 6-month support programme
  • Demonstrate that it can be applied in other industries/potential end-users processes

How to apply? 

We strongly recommend you to read carefully the BonsAPPs Guide for Applicants before starting to fill in the Application Form.

The event is finished.


Sep 01 2022 - Nov 01 2022