Better Factory: Open call for cooperative industrial projects

Better Factory launches a call to select 8 knowledge transfer experiments (KTE), among all previously registered entities.

The objective of the KTE is to lead, through cooperation between manufacturers, technology providers and artists, a diversification of the product portfolio, with the aim of improving business models.

The KTEs will address the following sectors:

  • Plastic and rubber
  • Furniture and Wood
  • Food and agriculture
  • Building
  • Metal and machinery
  • Textile and leather

Up to € 200,000 will be distributed to each of the selected KTEs, based on the successful delivery of technical and commercial reports, along with a 16-month experimentation program.

KTE applications must be submitted by consortia composed of:

  • A mid-cap manufacturing company – MidCap (up to € 50,000)
  • A technology provider (up to € 100,000)
  • An artist (up to € 50,000)

Collaborations between manufacturers, artists, and technology providers can take many forms and deliver a wide variety of results. At a technical level, the focus will be to minimize the impact on the cost of production and create more value by:

  • Reduction of waste, energy consumption and other resources
  • Factory logistics optimization
  • Using robots to support workers
  • Production planning and simulation

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May 11 2021 - Jul 15 2021