AMULET 2nd Open Call for SMEs to develop lightweight materials

Looking for SMEs to develop lightweight materials for the Automotive, Aerospace & Aeronautics, Energy and Building sectors.



The funding instrument will include a lump-sum grant of up to €120,000 per project whereas SMEs individually may not receive more than €60,000. The total duration of support provided will not exceed 15 months per project.


With this call, AMULET will select up to 36 projects invited to a Jury Day, from which up to 26 will pass to the AMULET programme support services, and out of them, up to 7 will complete the full programme, following a funnel approach:


  • up to 26 consortia (2-3 SMEs) to submit a feasibility study: 23,000 €
  • up to 7 consortia (2-3 SMEs) to demonstrate their solutions: 80,000 €
  • up to 7 consortia (2-3 SMEs) to get follow-up support services: 17,000 €


The proposed activities should address the development and implementation of demonstration activities around technology and system applicable to one of the Open Challenges coming from one of the three types of lightweight materials for four sectors:






AMULET thematic competitions – 2nd Open Call

 Application stage
  • SME consortia (2 to 3 SMEs)
  • online matchmaking events
  • up to 36 SME consortia invited to the online Jury Day to pitch their solutions
 Stage 1 – Feasibility study
  • up to 26 SME consortia funded
  • duration: 4 months
  • €23,000 lump sum (per consortium)
 Stage 2 – Demonstration
  • up to 7 SME consortia funded (passed from Stage 1)
  • duration: 9 months
  • €80,000 lump sum (per consortium)
 Stage 3 – Follow up support for innovation
  • up to 7 SME consortia funded (consortia from Stage 2)
  • duration: 2 months
  • €17,000 lump sum (per consortium)

Further information

Guide for Applicants (PDF)


AMULET, Advanced Material and Manufacturing Technologies United for Lightweight is an EU funded H2020 innovation project around new industrial value chains.



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Jan 17 2023 - Mar 22 2023