AIPLAN4EU Open Call #2 for Innovators – AI Planning use-cases

Do you have expertise in AI planning or software development?

Are you a company with a real-world AI Planning use-case?

AIPlan4EU is looking for you!


Automated Planning and Scheduling is a central research area in Artificial Intelligence, concerned with reasoning on a predictive model of a system to identify a course of actions that achieves a desired goal. Planning engines have now reached a maturity that makes them highly useful for real-world applications. Still, their application in practise is sometimes hindered by the fact that the planning world is quite heterogeneous, without a common programming interface that makes the technology easily accessible. Moreover, it can be very hard, even for experts, to reliably predict which technique will work well on a certain problem. Thus, it is important that a user needs not to commit to a certain technique at an early stage of adoption but can at any time easily try out and switch to other, better-suited planning technology.

AIPlan4EU is centred around 6 objectives:       

  • Making planning accessible to practitioners and innovators
  • Facilitate the integration of planning and other ICT technologies
  • Making planning relevant in a wide range of application sectors
  • Seamlessly integrate planning within the AI4EU platform
  • Facilitate learning of planning for up- and reskilling and lower the access barrier
  • Standardize and drive academic research towards applications

The design of the various activities in AIPlan4EU is derived from user needs, considering use-cases relevant in the scope of AI planning, regardless of their sector. For example, the use-cases provided by the project partners themselves are from the following areas:

  • Planning for space
  • Planning for agriculture
  • Planning for manufacturing
  • Planning for logistics
  • Planning for autonomous driving
  • Planning for automated experimentation
  • Planning for subsea robotics

Open call #2 for innovators features three different tracks, distinguishing three different kinds of contributions.


Track A

Track A is for innovators who want to contribute planning technology to the AIPlan4EU ecosystem. We seek all kinds of software tool/library/technology related to planning. Examples:

  • plan generation tools (e.g. automated planners),
  • validation procedures (e.g. plan validators),
  • visualization tools (e.g. plan animators),
  • problem transformation utilities (e.g. grounders and compilations).

€60.000 funding for each project (7 months) for up to 4 projects.


Track A Template


Track B

Track B is intended for a consortia of two partners who together want to solve a planning use-case, exploiting the capabilities of the unified planning framework.

One consortium partner will be a use-case provider, who wants to explore the benefit of planning for their specific use-case. The other partner will typically have expertise in planning and/or software development and will realize a “Technology-Specific Bridge” (TSB) that connects the technology/software from the use-case with the unified planning framework.

€90.000 for the winning consortium (7 months).


Track B Template


Track C

Track C is intended for companies and organizations that have expertise in software development and / or planning and want to integrate an existing use-case with the unified planning framework, a software library developed by the AIPlan4EU project that offers planning-related capabilities in a general and convenient way.

Each funded project will realize a “Technology-Specific Bridge” (TSB) that connects the technology/software from a use-case with the unified planning framework. Both entities, the TSB provider and the use-case owner, will work together and validate the results. The AIPlan4EU project finances the realization of TSBs that must use the functionality offered by the unified planning library and the realization of a demonstrator that showcases the developed TSBs on the respective use-case.

The description of the use-cases can be found here.

€60.000 for each TSB provider (one TSB for each of the 8 use-cases)


Track C Template

The event is finished.


Dec 01 2022 - Jan 31 2023