AIPlan4EU 3rd Open Call for proposal preparation of Artificial Intelligence Use-Cases

AIPlan4EU is a project that focuses on solving planning problems, by bringing top-level AI Planning expertise to innovators and practitioners.

This open Call for use cases is ongoing and provides equity-free funding to attract and select the most motivated external partners. Up to 5 use-case proposals will be funded.

These use cases can be from different sectors such as health, space, agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, autonomous driving, automated experimentation, subsea robotics, or any others that prove to be relevant.

Overall, the project offers:

  • Top-level expertise in the AI Planning field, to solve your planning problem,
  • Funding €1,500 per use case in open call #3 for use-cases, to attend a workshop where you will get help to further develop and specify your use-case in the context of AI Planning,
  • The opportunity to be funded up to €30,000 to support the use-case implementation in future open calls,
  • Opportunities to connect with users and suppliers from various industries.


Applications for OC3 will be open until 1 September 2022



In addition, there is a webinar to explain more about the opportunities present on this open call.

Webinar – Link

The event is finished.


Jul 21 2022 - Sep 01 2022