AI4EU Call for Solutions Providers

The objective of the AI4EU Call for Solutions is to select the best 41 Solution Providers that address one of the Challenges.

What types of activities are we funding?

The developing, testing and validating of the technical solutions that address the specific challenges by exploiting AI resources included on the AI4EU Platform or by developing new components.

What do we offer?

The 41 best Solution Providers selected as beneficiaries in this Open Call enter the up to 6-months Support Program and receive:

  • Up to €70 000 (lump sum) to collaborate with the Challenge Owner in the development of the solution to the challenge,
  • Training on the AI4EU platform: resources, acumos, publication,
  • Mentoring, online periodic sessions every two weeks to track the development of the solution,
  • Visibility through AI4EU digital channels and events as AI4EU Ambassadors.

What and where are the Challenges?

The list and descriptions of the Challenges to be addressed are located at the AI4EU Platform in the List of Challenges:


  • AI-based throat-swab robot usable in pandemic prevention (learn more about this Challenge here)
  • Enhancing clinical AI-workflows (learn more about this Challenge here)
  • Modeling of drugs via deep learning neural network (learn more about this Challenge here)
  • Identification of Colon Cancer risk factors (learn more about this Challenge here)


  • Reinforcement learning based machine tool control (learn more about this Challenge here)
  • Optimize stock management with smart procurement strategy (learn more about this Challenge here)
  • Predict pump lifetime and early failure using pump final quality tests data(learn more about this Challenge here)
  • AI algorithms to improve vibration monitoring analysis of rotating machinery of ships(learn more about this Challenge here)


  • Effective management of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for agrifood data (learn more about this Challenge here)
  • Exploit or devise machine learning forecasting models to best benefit the urban mobility (learn more about this Challenge here)
  • Road Deterioration Identification and Prediction (learn more about this Challenge here)


  • Development of Information Extraction Algorithms from Photographs(learn more about this Challenge here)
  • Knowledge Extraction for the Web of Things(learn more about this Challenge here)


Who can apply?

The Call for Solutions is addressed to the following type of applicants (Solution Providers):

  • European Industry (technology providers): Startups, SMEs, Mid-Caps and Large Companies,
  • Research Organisations.

What are the technical requirements?

The first draft of the solution should be published on the AI4EU Platform during the application phase as well as the final version at the end of the Support Program.

What is the Ideal Project?

We are looking for AI Solutions based on AI technologies, preferably services provided by instances deployed in the AI4EU platform. Each proposal should aim to help business and public sector to run their business and activities more efficiently or to deliver innovative services to their customers and citizens.
This includes but is not limited to applications helping to run industry/public processes more efficiently or to automate industry/public processes in a radically innovative manner.
Applicants should be technology providers with AI background, willing to cooperate with Challenge Owners. A high level of cooperation among the Solution Provider and Challenge Owner is expected.

Apply here – Where you additionally can find all the necessary information and the application form.

AI4EU website for general information about the program.

The event is finished.


Feb 25 2021 - Apr 29 2021