AI Regio – 2nd Open call for experiments – AI in Manufacturing

AI REGIO is a European project supported by the European Commission through the ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs (I4MS) initiative. AI REGIO aims to consolidate the collaboration in the pan-European network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) by enhancing the offering of regional DIHs to manufacturing SMEs on three levels: policy impact, technological impact and business impact.


Thematic Areas:


TOPIC-1. Manufacturing Data Spaces and Data4AI pipelines.

The main goal of TOPIC-1 proposals is to build embryonic Data Spaces for Manufacturing, while showing the benefits of enhancing the value of the manufacturing data, before they are used in advanced AI applications.

TOPIC-2. AI for Manufacturing Applications and AI-on-demand Platform contributions

TOPIC 2 embraces several areas such as Smart Manufacturing, Intelligent Product Service Systems, Agile and Dynamic Value Chains, Industry 5.0 and Human-AI interaction.

TOPIC-3. AI Didactic Factories for Manufacturing and TERESA Experimentations

The AI REGIO Network of Didactic Factories (DFs) aims at building an ecosystem of experimental facilities which could combine the Skills Development aspects of Learning / Teaching Factories with the hands-on “test before invest” Technology Piloting aspects of European Digital Innovation Hubs and AI TEF for Manufacturing calls in the Digital Europe Programme.

Type of proposals:


TYPE A – Single participant (SME) projects

Proposal presented by a single organisation; namely an SME.

TYPE B – Mini-consortia (SME + DIH + optional third partner)

Proposal presented by Mini-consortia composed of:
• 1 manufacturing SME, as the leader of the consortium;
• 1 DIH, as reported in the DIH catalogue;
• ICT solution provider or technological RTO (optional).



The objective for the second open call of AI REGIO project is to select up to 17 SME-driven experiments:
• 10 Type A experiments: Single participant (SME) projects, applicable to TOPIC-1 and TOPIC-2. The maximum amount of FSTP allowed per experiment is up to EUR 60.000,00
• 7 Type B experiments: Mini-consortia (SME + DIH + optional third partner), applicable to all the TOPICS. The maximum amount of FSTP allowed per experiment is up to EUR 100.000,00.
Funding rate: the funding rate applicability for the selected SMEs or for-profit entities is 70% of eligible costs, while for non-profit organisations it is 100% of eligible costs.

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Jun 01 2022 - Sep 09 2022