6G-Bricks Open Call 1

Open call to select experiments on 6G-BRICKS experimental infrastructure.

The objective of the Open Call is to validate the capabilities, functionalities and performance of the 6GBRICKS experimental facility in extended domains which will complement those of the internal Use Cases.

Proposals for covering, but not limited:

  • Digital Twins solutions for RAN emulation
  • NWDAF functions and O-RAN ML frameworks (only SMEs)
  • Experimentation xApps
  • RIS and other devices in the form of O-RAN RUs
  • XAI driven Causal Reasoning and Anomaly Detection modules for the 6G-BRICKS Orchestrator
  • IoT Edge computing platforms for expanding the 6G-BRICKS compute continuum
  • Joint Communication & Sensing technologies
  • Digital beamforming algorithms and/or synchronization algorithms validated on offline datasets of 5g waveforms and motion capture data collected at KUL
  • Expanding the 6G-BRICKS facility experimentation capabilities as well as further topics of community interest (only SMEs)

Average Value

Lump sum funding of up to €120.000 per project, with max €60.000 per beneficiary.

Eligible organisations

Beneficiaries must be consortia composed of up to 2 legal entities SME and/or Big Company and/or RTO, from EU member states or associated countries to Horizon Europe.

Average duration

6 months

Feasibility Check option

The open call proposers are encouraged to contact the 6G-BRICKS consortium and communicate their intentions to verify the feasibility of the proposals intended for implementation within the project’s scope. This will also allow them to receive initial feedback on the planned activities outlined in the proposal. To perform the feasibility check, a description of the planned experiment (up to one page in length) must be sent to opencalls@6g-bricks.eu, using the template provided

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Dec 27 2023 - Mar 22 2024


All Day