2nd Better Factory Open Call


The individual calls for all applicants will be open from 25 April 2022 until 25 June 2022.

The individual application is the preliminary step for individual members of future applicant consortia to submit their online application through one of the three calls for Manufacturing SMEs/Mid-CapsArtists or Tech Suppliers.

The main objective of this Call is to select the most innovative challenges addressed by Manufacturing SMEs and Mid-caps and to identify Artists and Tech Suppliers willing to address and collaborate with the Manufacturing SMEs.




Once the Manufacturing SMEs/Mid-Caps EoIs are pre-selected, the pre-selected applicants will enter a matchmaking process to ensure the articulation of quality consortia that can submit successful proposals to the 2nd Better Factory Open Call.

This step consists in publishing the manufacturing SMEs/Mid-caps´ challenges in the Co-creation Space of the RAMP Marketplace. Then, a matchmaking process, assisted by the Better Factory consortium, will start, first between Technology Suppliers and Manufacturing SMEs/Mid-Caps, and then with the Artists.


Thanks to the matchmaking process, Manufacturing SMEs/Mid-caps, Artists, and Tech Suppliers will be able to apply jointly to the 2nd Better Factory Open Call for Knowledge Transfer Experiments (KTE). Full proposals from consortia composed of 1 Manufacturing SME/Mid-Cap, 1 Artist, and 1 Tech Supplier will be welcomed. Proposals from consortia formed independently, outside the matchmaking process, will be accepted as well.
A total of 9 KTEs will be selected for funding in the 2nd Better Factory Open Call.

The 2nd Better Factory Open Call for Full Proposals will be launched in September 2022.

The goal of the KTEs is to lead a diversification of the Manufacturing SMEs/Mid-caps product portfolio with an aim to enhance their business models with customised and individualised products and new services around the products. KTEs will prioritise the following sectors:

  • Plastic and Rubber
  • Furniture and Wood
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Metal and Machinery
  • Textile and Leather




Apply now for a chance to become one of the successful consortia which will:

  • Explore new markets using digital technologies
  • Test & develop new Lean-Agile production technologies with RAMP
  • Access training to re-skill staff
  • Get business support and mentoring
  • Up to EUR 200,000 funding.

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Apr 25 2022 - Jun 25 2022