2nd 6G-XR Open Call

The purpose of the second Open Call of the 6G-XR project (6G experimental Research infrastructure to enable next-generation XR services) is to validate, test, and/or incorporate enablers coming out of Horizon Europe SNS JU Stream B thematises.

Out of these thematises, in particular proposals in the following AREAS (and 6G-XR Infrastructures) are requested: Reflective intelligent surfaces, Deterministic communications, Energy measurement, AI/ML for slicing, Load balancing, Security and trust mechanisms, Increased capacity, Other Stream B thematises. 

A more detailed description of the topics can be found in the 6G-XR Open Call 2 Information Document.


  • The targeted organisations in this Call are (i) SMEs; (ii) Industry; (iii) Research/scientific organisation; (iv) Academia.
  • The proposal is submitted by a single party. The submission of proposals by consortia is not eligible.

Projects duration

6 months

Cascade funding

There will be a maximum funding of 60 000 € per project. 10 projects

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May 06 - 22 2024