1st GALACTICA Call for proposals – Smart Industrial Innovation – Textiles and Aerospace

Pioneer Acceleration Voucher

Scope: The main goal is to support the exploration of new cross-sectoral value chains feasibility with focus on developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) connecting two or more of the sectors (aerospace, textile, advanced manufacturing).

Indicative supported activities/ideas:

  • Building of the prototype in form of a Minimum Viable Product,
  • Testing of the hypothesis with business measurements and user validation tests that will provide crucial information for learning about the hypothesis validity,
  • Adjusting the product/service with a dedicated learning process

Maximum financial contribution per project: €20 000

Eligibility: at least 1 SME from EU or UK (consortia welcome).


Orbital Projects Voucher

Scope: implementation of functional prototypes and demonstrators for new cross-sectoral value chains, connecting two or more of the sectors (aerospace, textile, advanced manufacturing), while funding the integration of non-technological innovations for speeding up market match.

Indicative supported activities/ideas:

  • Experimentation
  • Technological maturation
  • Prototype/system integration design and development, including materials, technical testing and market testing
  • Standardisation

Maximum financial contribution per project: €100 000

Maximum financial support per SME: €58 000

Eligibility criteria: at least 2 SME, both from EU or UK.

The maximum amount to be granted per SME by GALACTICA project shall not exceed €60 000.


Expected duration of participation: 4 months for pioneer acceleration, 6 months for Orbital projects
Total EU funding available: €1 200 000 in total for both pioneer acceleration and orbital projects

Timeline for the 1st GALACTICA open call:
Evaluation period: May-June 2021
Notification of funded proposals: July 2021
Agreement signature date: July-August 2021
Expected starting date of the project: 1 September 2021
We expect to fund 20 Pioneer Acceleration projects and 8 Orbital projects in the 1st GALACTICA call.

More info: https://galacticaproject.eu/call-for-proposals/
Apply through: https://calls.galacticaproject.eu

The event is finished.


Mar 16 2021 - May 19 2021