1st Call for grants of up to € 60,000 for projects on Digital Twins – DIGITbrain

The first open call for DIGITbrain seeks to attract third parties (manufacturing SMEs, software providers and mid-caps), to carry out experiments that validate the “DIGITbrain solution” and make SMEs more competitive through the transfer of innovative solutions. .

The experiments, based on Digital Twins, will focus on creating customized industrial products and facilitating production in a cost-effective way to adopt and develop the digital technologies of SMEs or mid-caps, especially in the production segments. that are under-exploited.

The implementation of the experiments will be carried out in close collaboration with DIHs and technical partners of the competence centers, who will act as commercial and technical support for the applicants. This interaction should begin during the preparation of the proposal and should continue during the implementation and execution of the experiments.

The total financing available is up to € 700,000, and the maximum amount for each third of € 60,000. Applications from March 31 to June 30, 2021.

Requirements in the formation of consortia:
The minimum number of partners in an experimental consortium must include:

– An end user (SMEs and mid-cap manufacturing companies) and

– A technical partner acting as an ISV, engineering or software consultant, research organization.

All Third Parties must come from a European Member State, associated countries or the United Kingdom.

According to EC regulations, no third party can have received more than € 100,000 from the Horizon 2020 I4MS and SAE calls.

Consult all the information in the Summary of the call.

If you are interested, contact info@dihbu40.com

The event is finished.


Mar 31 2021 - Jun 30 2021