EDSCHA BURGOS S.A., integrated into the GESTAMP Corporation, is dedicated to the production of metal components for the automobile. The Edscha plant in Burgos is specialized in the manufacture of hinge retainer systems for vehicles. The components and mechanisms manufactured in Edscha offer numerous functionalities and play an important role in vehicle safety. 

EDSCHA BURGOS S.A is a leading supplier for large vehicle builders that has had sustained long-term growth, relying on a strong commitment to internationalization, and the diversification of its product offering through innovation and the application of technology.

To consolidate its competitive position, EDSCHA BURGOS will continue to generate added value to its products, thanks to innovation. This perspective of constant innovation is manifested in the use of cutting-edge technology and participation in all phases of the process, from product design, to manufacturing, through all phases of industrial development and improvement all the factors involved, generating continuous added value. 

The diversification of products and the continuous commitment to innovation, as well as the development of its human capital have been the keys to the maintenance and plant strength of Edscha Burgos in the automotive market. 

Currently, the EDSCHA Group has 22 plants in 15 countries, employing around 5,700 employees worldwide.

EDSCHA Burgos is a founder member of DIHBU.